Pressure Blasting Machine

Pressure Blasting Machine 2018-08-24T08:21:50+00:00

This surface pressure blaster is from the family air operated shot blasting machine and is suitable for units with moderate output. The abrasive stream is propelled with high velocity air current creating abrasion on the components. The components can be exposed to the blast stream by maneuvering it under the blasting Stream. If the components are bigger they can be kept on the floor of the blast cabinet or on a rotary table provided as optional accessory. Other optional accessories are motorized tum blast basket & rotary table with mounted track extension. This machine is a manually handled air operated machine. In this machine component is placed in-side the cabinet. One nozzle is provided for blasting purpose; operator put its hand in the Hand gloves section and used the gun/nozzle to blast clean the component. In this system track extension system along with manual turn table can also be incorporated