Coke Injection Machine

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Surface International manufacturers COKE INJECTION MACHINE. This machine is widely used for Controlled Coke injection in the molten metal for making Steel Alloy. The machine entails a substantially built hopper having Storage Capacity 1 to 2 m3 Coke. This hopper is mounted on load 3 cells. The Coke is conveyed by a screw conveyor through a variable drive unit. The flow of material is controlled by a PLC controller which provide actual feed rate of coke form the machine and also permit in flight correction of the rate to achieve precise coke feeding time. The coke injection system has a rotor type Gunning machine which convey’s the coke in a hose pipe to the furnace where it is injected into the molten metal through a metallic Lance. A Dust collector is provided with the system to take care of the coke dust generated during the process and keeps the environment friendly and Dust free.Coke injection rates 20 to 100 Kg. per min can be achieved with the machine and the required data can be entered on the MMI unit of PLC.