Hanger Type Machine

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In HANGER TYPE SHOT BLASTING MACHINE the components are hanged and rotated so that blasting can be done all sides. In this machine hanger are mounted on the doors of the machine. For the blasting operation the door of the machine is opened either manually or through pneumatic cylinders and then components are loaded on to the hanger. Then the door is closed and the blast wheel unit is operated. Blast wheel stations are located strategically around the cabinet & abrasives are propelled on rotating components. The components are shot blasted homogeneously all around on the rotating hanger and blast clean the components. After the blast cleaning cycle is over, the door is opened for unloading of components

The major benefit of Hanger type machine is that components do not rub each other while blasting leaving no scratches on the components.
The machine is available in different Model :- ASH 1, ASH-2 , ASH-3 , ASH -4, ASH -5, ASH -6, ASH-7, ASH-8