Swing Table Type Machine

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We offer a wide range of Swing Table Type Shot Blasting Machine. The machine is designed for efficient removing after scales from components after heat treatment , forgings and cleaning of pro-plating and pre-anodized articles, alloy steel and ‘Aluminium alloy castings/materials. These machines can be supplied in one / two doors with table. The operation of machine is simple and automatic.


  • High efficiency
  • Low maintenance cost
  • High operational performance
  • High strength

Operating Principles:

The machine is equipped with table fitted on door, the turn table system is driven by gear motor outside the enclosures. The spent abrasive from the blasting operation passes through the perforated floor plates and gravitate down the cabinet hopper into a screw conveyors. The abrasive is then transferred to the boot of the bucket elevator. The bucket elevator carries the abrasive vertically and discharges the same into a rotary screen separator where dust and fine abrasives are air cleaned ensuring that only clean abrasive is collected in the storage hopper for re-circulation purpose.An effective Dust Collector unit keeps the system clean of dust.

The machine has different specifications and variants, the end user can choose one which fits to his choice the most. The specifications are as follows:

• Sizes: ø750 mm,ø 900 mm, ø 1200 mm, ø1800 mm & ø 2400 diameter to meet varied industrial needs.