Coil Spring Shot Peening Machine

///Coil Spring Shot Peening Machine
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Coil Springs fitted in the Rail Coaches; Wagons and Automobile Industries get affected with repeated torsion & compressive loading which causes the fatigue & the resultant is earlier failure of coil springs. To enhance the fatigue life of coil spring shot peening is mandatory. a number of peening solutions that specifically target the spring peening industry. The springs are loaded on the revolving rollers. The springs are loaded from one end & fed in the blasting cabinet where they are shot peened. The springs are unloaded from the other end of the blasting cabinet. The cabinet is protected by Mn. Liners for longer life. The shot are fed automatically by soundabrator valves for the wheels operated by solenoid valve & pneumatic cylinders. Dust generated during the process is being sucked by high efficiency dust collector along with the shots. These are being separated in media trap before entering the D.C. & the dust gets trapped in the filter bags & clean air is let out in the atmosphere thus keeping the system environment friendly.