Indexing Hanger Type Shot Peening Machine

///Indexing Hanger Type Shot Peening Machine
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This machine is especially suitable for automotive, aerospace industries for shot Peening of components such as big gears, gear shafts , crank shafts, axles etc. The Shot peening intensity of 0.7mm on ‘A’ Almen Strips are attained in 3 minute cycle.

Entire Cabinet & Hanger is manufactured with Mn Steel to protect front wear & abrasion & thus gives a long life to the machine. The machine is suitable for a hanger drum of Size ᴓ 400mmx1200mm. Four such Mn hangers are provided on an Indexing Hanger Module of ᴓ 1500mm. One Hanger is at loading and unloading station while the hanger opposite to loading unloading station is the Shot Peening station. Balance two stations are idle & Air Wash Station. The Machine is provided with 3 no. Blast Wheel Strategically placed to cover the defined hanger size of 1200 mm length and 400 mm dia. Each blast wheel is powered by 15 H.P. motor and fires Ten Tons Shots per hour per wheel. All the Blast Wheels are provided with Variable A.C. Drive to control the Shot velocity while Peening. The Hanger rotation is also provided with variable A.C. drive to control rotation of the hanger.

Matching Shot Recovery system is provided with Screw Conveyor, Bucket Elevator, Rotary Screen Separator, and Vibratory Classifier with Sensors to give feedback of precise working of each application. Machine is equipped with Magna valve to control the shot flow rate. The machine has an intelligent PLC controlling system where the Shot flow rate of each Blast Wheel is permitted in a given band width. Alarms are generated if shot flow rate is less or more than the pre-set limits.

The Shot Peening Machine is programmed for recipe. Just select the recipe No. and all set parameters like BW Speed, Hanger rpm Peening Time will be automatically selected by the PLC. A touch Screen user friendly HMI is provided with the machine to display various parameters and operation being run on the machine.