Indexing Table Type Shot Peening Machine

///Indexing Table Type Shot Peening Machine
Indexing Table Type Shot Peening Machine 2018-08-24T07:14:05+00:00

Special shot peening of individual components by using rotary table machines / satellite table machines.
The parts are placed on the rotating table, where they continuously pass through the blasting area. This guarantees uniform blasting of the surface. This type of machine is available as indexed and batched versions. The essential component of a satellite table machine is the indexing mechanism which rotates the work piece through fixed positions within the blasting machine. The satellite table concept provides the advantage that new parts can be loaded and unloaded while others are processed. The machines can be equipped with turbines, injection or pressure blasting principle. These types of blasting systems are commonly in use at the automotive industry and automotive suppliers. The machines are often used for peening as well as cleaning applications as precise, homogenous results are achieved. These machines can be combined with robots for automatic loading and unloading to create fully integrated manufacturing cells as part of a continuous/in-line process.