Plate / Structure Cleaning Machine

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Shape & sizes of structures & platesare extremely heavy and large. A roller conveyor machine is usually the only method to safely and thoroughly clean these types of parts. These type of shot blasting machine are suitable for steel structures like angles, channels, rounds, beams, plates Pre-fabricated sections & Automobile structure etc. Multiple benefits of these machines are that it increases the production with automation, elimination of pickling process & disposal of acid waste. Highly acknowledged for its outstanding performance, robust construction and longer service life. Moreover, structural& plate cleaning machine is fully automated, requires less maintenance and is easy to install & operate.

The Blast Cabinet is lined with High Manganese rolled plate tiles in overlap style for adequate protection of the base plates. The Perforated High Manganese Casted Sheet is placed above Screw Conveyor line for protection purpose. Rubber Curtains are provided in the inlet and outlet Vestibules to stop escaping Abrasives. The Roller inside Blast Cabinet is lined with replaceable High Manganese Steel sleeves.

The Service Door is provided in Blast Cabinet with Safety features. A Sensor is provided at Vestibules to start the Blast Cycle, when the job reaches the blasting zone. This saves power as well as wear& tear on the blast cabinet interiors when the sheet is not in the blast cabinet. If the sheets or structures are not fed into the machine for some reason the solenoid valve controlling flow of shots stop abrasive feed to avoid wear & tear of blast cabinet & the machine comes to power saving mode. The Blast Wheel 4 Nos. / 6 Nos./ 8 Nos. or more depending upon the plate or structural size, are fitted on Blast Cabinet to cover Shot Blasting of Plates/ sections. A suitable capacity of Bucket Elevator is provided for transferring Shots to Rotary Screen Separator. The Rotary Screen Separator cleans the Abrasives and removes oversize shots as well as dust particles and permits re-feeding appropriate size of shots in the Blasting Wheels.

All Blast Wheel Stations are provided with Shot flow control Valve or Magna Valve for regulating Shots flow rate to the Blast Wheel Unit. A Reverse Pulse Jet dust collector with pleated cartridge is provided for continuous dust extraction from blast cabinet. The function of Dust Collector is to keep Blast Cabinet adequately ventilated and also remove dust particles and small size of Shots from Abrasive. The operation of entire machine is sequentially programmed by PLC mounted in Control Panel. The PLC shows working status of machine, No. of Hours Machine run for maintenance requirement and various Trouble Shooting requirements. PLC Program is designed to suit customer’s requirement.

The loading and unloading system for job can also be provided to suit customers.