Stone Blasting Machine

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Surface International a prominent name in the field of sand blasting ,shot blasting & shot peening system has introduced state of art Airless Shot Blasting machine for roughening of Sand Stones, Granite & marble slabs.the machine is fitted with 2 nos. Blast wheels powered by 15 HP motors.

Spent abrasives are recovered by a longitudinal and a cross screw conveyor which feeds them to a bucket elevator. The bucket elevator discharges the abrasive into rotary screen separator where all dust and debris is separated from the usable abrasives which are stored in the storage hopper for re-circulation purpose & the non-usable abrasives and dust are rejected & disposed from the machine automatically.

The desired texture / finishing/ roughness can be obtained by varying speed of Conveyor / speed of Blast Wheel / size of Shots etc. Loading and unloading can also be automated.

The machine is designed to handle slabs of upto 1500mm width & 3000 mm length. The abrasives retained on the slabs are wiped off by a rubber knife & the fine layer of abrasives is blown-off by an adjustable air knife system which is operated with the help of compressed air.

The process of operation is controlled by a cubical control panel which houses short circuit & over load protection devices along with contractors& timers of suitable capacity.